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Rachel Brewster Treadwell is an illustrator and animator from Seattle. She is currently attending Vancouver Film School for their Classical Animation program, which follows the recent publication of her first children's book, The Littlest Pyrenees.


She spent a few years in Arkansas focusing on figure drawing at the Arkansas Arts Center, and her work was featured forThere And Back Again in May 2019 (credited: Rachel Treadwell). She's also explored some of the varieties of life, including competing in St. Louis to be a Barista Champion (2018), becoming a certified Coffee Master at Starbucks (2017), marrying her film school sweetheart (2016), and walking el Camino de Santiago (2015).

Rachel graduated with a degree in Communications & Film from Northwest University after spending her final semester at the L.A. Film Studies Center (2014). While in LA, she interned with DreamWorks Animation on the hit Netflix Original Series All Hail King Julien (credited: Rachel Brewster). She's also worked as a magazine layout editor and is certified in various Adobe programs.

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