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04 Jan 2020

Greetings From Vancouver!

I'm writing to you from my apartment on the 21st floor in downtown Vancouver...if you'd like to know more, I will be sending out exclusive monthly updates about my time at Vancouver Film School! If you would like to receive these updates, please subscribe via email through the "Subscribe" button above!

31 Dec 2019

Draw365Challenge Complete!

This year I completed the #draw365challenge! 

Check out completed prompts here:

Jan - #disney 

Feb - #foodiefeb 

Mar - #marchmodesoftransportation

Apr - #springtime

May - #mermay

Jun - #dogsinjune

Jul - #horrorinjuly

Aug - #augustanatomystudy

Sep - #supesept

Oct - #inktober

Nov - #villainnov

Dec - #destinationdec


06 Aug 2019

The Littlest Pyrenees Available Now!

The Littlest Pyrenees is now available at the following links:

Hardcover (Lulu)

Kindle (Amazon)

Paperback (Amazon)

18 Jul 2019

The Littlest Pyrenees Available on Amazon!

The Littlest Pyrenees is now available for pre-order, with a release date of August 6th! Working on getting a hardback copy published, but if all else fails it will be available as Kindle and paperback. Stay tuned! 

31 May 2019

MerMay & Urban Sketching

I made it through MerMay 2019! I wasn't anywhere near close to winning, but I had a great time drawing mermaids all month! Click here to view this month's mermaids. 

I also just completed a course at the Arkansas Arts Center called Urban Sketchbook where we would walk around Little Rock and draw what was in front of us. It was a great course, and I struggled quite a bit with shadows, but it's probably the best course I've ever taken and I learned quite a bit from it. Plus: MY PERSPECTIVE WAS ON POINT! Check out the best of my sketchbook here.

29 Apr 2019

There And Back Again...

I'm excited to say my work has been featured in a collection at the Arkansas Arts Center! The Hobbit™ will be performing for the next two weeks, and in the foyer there will be sketches by different artists from the dress rehearsals. 

To see featured sketches, click here.

01 Jan 2019

New Year, Time to Draw!

2018 was an interesting year: I drew more than I have in my entire life, wrote and illustrated a book, and applied and was accepted into the top animation school in the world. To keep this flow going, I have a lot more coming up in 2019!

My goals this year include organizing and dating my drawings in a big filing cabinet, reviewing and memorizing human anatomy again, drawing daily, and continuing figure drawing every week. 

The Littlest Pyrenees will be coming out later this year. I'm in the final process of cleaning up pages and researching publishers. If you have any advice or connections, and would like to share, please contact me


To get in shape for VFS, I'll be posting a drawing a day for the next year! I've attempted before as an extension of #inktober, but I only went through 100 days (I didn't think I could keep up the entire year). If you'd like to follow my progress, or suggest a prompt for the month, I'm on Instagram at @rachelbcreative or you can follow the hashtag #racheldraws365. I'm also on Facebook!


Themes for this project are: 

Jan - #disney 

Feb - #foodiefeb 

Mar - #marchmodesoftransportation

Apr - #springtime

May - #mermay

Jun - #dogsinjune

Jul - #horrorinjuly

Aug - #augustanatomystudy

Sep - #supesept

Oct - #inktober

Nov - #villainnov

Dec - #destinationdec

05 Nov 2018

I was accepted into Vancouver Film School's Classical Animation Program! I'm currently waitlisted for August 2019, but I have a guaranteed spot for January 2020! It's a one-year intensive program that ultimately takes you through four years of classes in only twelve months. I'm excited and beyond nervous to do this. 

To view my accepted portfolio, click here

16 Sep 2018


I'm finally getting life together, it seems. 

This quarter I'll be taking Figure Drawing and keeping up with #littlespooktember and #inktober prompts (littlespooktember is new as of this year and is more of a warmup to drawing daily with inktober). 

I'll also have a first draft of my book completed by September 28th. If you'd like to be a test-reader, feel free to contact me at 

05 Aug 2018

August 2018

This year has snuck up on me. All of the sudden it's August and I haven't even started life! 

I've been studying for Starbucks' Barista Championship since January, so I've been a little sidetracked. In July I competed in the final round of this competition; I didn't win, but it's over, so I can focus on my art again without any of this extracurricular coffee stuff. Because of all the coffee study, I skipped June's color study and was only able to complete half of July's backgrounds study. But at least I started July's -- I also started an observation sketchbook, so hopefully that makes up for my lack of discipline. 

In other news, I've changed my schedule from closing the store every night (for the past two years) to opening, so I've been having a rough transition there and have been too exhausted to draw (managed to get only one hour in last week). 

Goals before I start my class in mid-September: 

- finish my anatomy book (I'm embarrassed to say it's taken me all summer to finish a 200 page book)

- finish my perspective books (skimmed, but haven't read all the way through)

- complete large storyboards

- finalize character designs

- get a color study in there? 

- finish observation sketchbook 

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