storyboard samples

Sue's Hats

(c) Vancouver Film School 2021

"Sue's Hats" finds Ms. Sue getting ready for the day and deciding upon a hat to finish off her ensemble. Each hat holds a story, and she's transported into memories of a life gone by.

Kee Koo Anijam, 2021

Created by Marv Newland - each animator gets a start and end key pose, and what happens in between is up to the artist! 

Kickin It With Kia - Pilot

(c) Kickin It Productions 2020

Shakia is just trying to write in her journal, but everyone needs her help! Will she get any writing done today? 



Child Of Aurora

(c) Rachel B. Creates 2020

A young fox chases the dawn, discovering the fire spark within himself.

Animated in Photoshop

Anijam thumbs.png


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