the littlest pyrenees


The Littlest Pyrenees


Cú is supposed to be a big dog, but he's the littlest Pyrenees anyone has met!



Story & Illustration by Rachel Brewster

"My favorite thing - the illustrations! The pictures really helped tell Cu's story and were a lovely trail to follow. ★★★★★

                                                   - Gwen S. 

"If anyone needs a sweet story for a precious 'little someone' in their lives, I would highly recommend this book!" 

                                                    - Kim M.

"A great book! If you are a dog lover, have kids,  just love animals in general, or just love to support awesome new authors then this is the book for you! The art style is adorable, and story has a positive message. I'll be buying two more copies for my niece and nephew."

                                                    - Taylor H.