VFS 2020

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20 Jun 2020

Currently Working On:

- VFS Term 04 (July-August)

All That Remains 

- Kickin' It Productions Animated Series

17 Jul 2020


TODAY: World premiere of my second animated super short short film, Fin, at 9am pst! 


This is a project I've been working since February, in any spare time I could find after school assignments. I originally wanted to do this idea on a sunny day on a paddleboard, but then I realized this story originally stemmed from my favorite story my dad tells about his father.


In total, this took about 10 days collectively from start to end that spanned over 3 weeks.

05 May 2020

Child Of Aurora

TONIGHT: World premiere of my FIRST ANIMATED super short short film, Child Of Aurora, at 6pm pst! 

This is a project I've been in pre-production on since January, in any spare time I could find after school assignments. I went into production for 6 days and was in post for 1.

All animation for this - from rough tests to final frame - were done last week during Spring Break (Apr 27-May 3)! I'm beyond excited with how this turned out, and I had no idea I'd be able to do this type of project so soon. It's given me a great idea of how to proceed with my final film in school.

04 Jan 2020

Greetings From Vancouver!

I'm writing to you from my apartment on the 21st floor in downtown Vancouver...if you'd like to know more, I will be sending out exclusive monthly updates about my time at Vancouver Film School! If you would like to receive these updates, please subscribe via email through the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the page!

31 Dec 2019

Draw365Challenge Complete!

This year I completed the #draw365challenge! 

Check out completed prompts here:

Jan - #disney 

Feb - #foodiefeb 

Mar - #marchmodesoftransportation

Apr - #springtime

May - #mermay

Jun - #dogsinjune

Jul - #horrorinjuly

Aug - #augustanatomystudy

Sep - #supesept

Oct - #inktober

Nov - #villainnov

Dec - #destinationdec


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