24 Mar 2020

Some COVID Thoughts

Well. I'm frustrated. Just like everyone else in the world. 

I'm not afraid of getting sick. I'm fearful of society changing...future changing...I don't understand how life is going to function after this. 

I'm so disappointed in this year because I worked so hard to get here. I waited two years to be here. I worked my butt off studying and working overtime to get here. And now my plans have a HUGE wrench thrown in. And I know I'm not alone, but this was my only shot, you know? I can't afford to come back next year. Or the year after. It's now or never. 

Coronavirus was something we were aware of back in January, but not something that we ever thought would impact our area. 

All schools have been shut down until further notice, and VFS is included. They're trying their best to do online courses, but it's just not working. 

I'm trying my best to stay optimistic. We're on Week 2 of no school/working from home, and I haven't been motivated enough to do schoolwork. Starting tomorrow, my other roommate is returning from L.A. which means we'll be on mandatory quarantine for two weeks. 

I started taking a free Science of Well-Being course by a Yale professor, and it's helping. I'm also taking the Aaron Blaise Animation Fundamentals course to fill in the gaps of instruction. And I'm participating in my favorite DTIYS on Instagram. 

I'm doing yoga twice a day now. I was taking really long walks by myself, but I'm trying to transition to quarantine-mode.

And I'm spending so much time on social media instead of focusing in and working with all this time I've been given. 

Good luck to everyone out there. Life isn't going to be the same after this blows over. But hopefully we will all come out stronger with a better understanding of what we want to do with our lives.  <3

04 Jan 2020

Greetings From Vancouver!

I'm writing to you from my apartment on the 21st floor in downtown Vancouver...if you'd like to know more, I will be sending out exclusive monthly updates about my time at Vancouver Film School! If you would like to receive these updates, please subscribe via email through the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the page!

31 Dec 2019

Draw365Challenge Complete!

This year I completed the #draw365challenge! 

Check out completed prompts here:

Jan - #disney 

Feb - #foodiefeb 

Mar - #marchmodesoftransportation

Apr - #springtime

May - #mermay

Jun - #dogsinjune

Jul - #horrorinjuly

Aug - #augustanatomystudy

Sep - #supesept

Oct - #inktober

Nov - #villainnov

Dec - #destinationdec


06 Aug 2019

The Littlest Pyrenees Available Now!

The Littlest Pyrenees is now available at the following links:

Hardcover (Lulu)

Kindle (Amazon)

Paperback (Amazon)

18 Jul 2019

The Littlest Pyrenees Available on Amazon!

The Littlest Pyrenees is now available for pre-order, with a release date of August 6th! Working on getting a hardback copy published, but if all else fails it will be available as Kindle and paperback. Stay tuned! 

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