Rachel Brewster is a visual storyteller with a background in 2D animation, editing, and production management. Her most recent endeavors have included editing & animating on the micro-budget indie feature 'All That Remains' (2021), graduating from Vancouver Film School (2021), and creating a children's book 'The Littlest Pyrenees' (2019).

She holds a diploma in 2D Classical Animation from Vancouver Film School (2021), a BA in Communications: Film from Northwest University (2014), as well as a certificate in film studies (production design) from the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (2014). Rachel spent two years studying at the AMFA (formerly: Arkansas Arts Center; 2017-2019), and while in LA, she worked as a Television Production Intern for DreamWorks Animation on the Netflix series 'All Hail King Julien' (2014).

In her spare time, you'll find Rachel taking photos of cool clouds, exploring the outdoors with her Pyrenees Cú, and dabbling in coffee connoisseur-ing. She's currently based in the LA area, willing to work remote and/or relocate.