I’m a visual storyteller with an exploratory background in visual media communications, which includes 2D animation, illustration, video editing, and project management. Most recently, I edited and animated on the micro-budget indie feature All That Remains, which is currently running the festival circuit. So that’s been exciting!

Other projects include: Sue’s Hats (2021, animated short), Fin (2020, animated short), Child of Aurora (2020, animated short), and The Littlest Pyrenees (2019, illustrated children’s book), among numerous consults with friends and family on written and visual stories of various media. 

With a diploma in 2D/Classical Animation from Vancouver Film School (2021), and a BA in Communications in Film from Northwest University (2014), I love to help others find the connection between healthy workflow and completing the task on hand to be successful.  

To balance my days with leisure, I work out, take my dog Cú on adventures, and love a good early morning, or late afternoon, coffee venture.